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UPTOWN magazine
:: Jan Milne - Reds

The emergence of Reds, an internet cafe/espresso bar in Paisley, is something of a milestone.

For not only is it a loud and proud indication of Paisley's lifestyle renaissance, but it is also the first commercial interior In Scotland to feature the highly distinctive style of Glasgow based designer jan Milne.

In one of lifes little ironies, although Jan's work is familiar to a whole generation of discerning diners in the USA due to the fact that her bespoke textile designs feature in seriously swanky establishments such as Nobu restaurants and the Whiskey Bar at the Paramount Hotel (not to mention Bongo’s, Gloria Estefan’s restaurant in Miami, and the Samba Grill in the Mirage Casino, Las Vegas) a Scottish eaterie or drinkerie interior commission has so far eluded her. Until Reds, that is.

"Reds is aiming for quality, and this is reflected in their menu and also in the design, which is very different from most coffee bars" claims Jan.

So, this means that there’s none of the ash chrome and cappuccino minimalism characteristic of most of the current crop of coffee bars.

Instead, Reds – which stands for relax, eat, drink and surf – gives itself over to a playful riot of colour and pattern. Imagine, if you will, the combination of juicy fruits with the op art canvases of Bridget Reilly, and you’ll be getting somewhere close to the Reds experience.

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